How Bail Bonds work

It is important to research your bail bond company.  Many of the companies that are listed on Google or other search engines do not actually have an office in Hamilton County.    We are located at 1223 Lincoln Ave, Cincinnati Ohio.

The next step is to have an indemnitor (Cosigner) who is willing to sign on the bond.  The indemnitor is signing for the financial responsibility for the person that is bonding out.   

The requirements vary depending on the amount of the bond.  On smaller bonds, our office requires a cosigner that is employed and can provide proof of employment.   Usually a recent pay stub showing how much money has been earned year to date.

There are other options on posting bail.  Depending on the nature of the charge and bond.  Sometimes our company requires collateral to be put up until the court case is complete.  If collateral is required it is returned once the case is discharged and written notice is given to the bonding company.

The premium on any given bail bond in the state of Ohio is ten percent.  We can offer payments on the ten percent, but it is earned at the time of posting bond.  Regardless of the outcome of the case.   Occasionally, there are addional fees required in order to bail someone out.  These fees are explained by the bail company prior to posting bond.